There are probably few other conversations as tricky as telling loved ones you are unexpectedly pregnant. Knowing they will be shocked and not knowing how they will respond makes the whole idea overwhelming. You may be tempted to avoid it for a while, but the sooner you talk with them, the better.

Have You Confirmed Your Pregnancy First?

Even if your period is late and you get a positive pregnancy test result, there’s more to confirm about your pregnancy. Experts estimate that as many as 26% of all pregnancies end in a natural miscarriage. That’s more than one in four!

Because it’s possible to get a positive pregnancy test days or weeks following a miscarriage, confirm your pregnancy before talking with your family and maybe even your boyfriend. How do you confirm a pregnancy? Start with free pregnancy testing at First Choice Georgia.

Home pregnancy tests are reliable, but you should take more than one. If you receive a positive result with one of our pregnancy tests, we will schedule you for a free and confidential ultrasound

Only ultrasound can reveal if your pregnancy is developing or if you have had a miscarriage. You will also learn how far along you are and other vital health information. 

How Should I Tell My Boyfriend?

The status of your relationship has a lot to do with how you tell your boyfriend. Since he is the father, you should discuss it with him first. 

Are you in a serious relationship? If so, you need to talk about what’s best for your future as a couple. The news is surprising, so be prepared for fear, anger, or even distress. Perhaps he will be excited, and it’s the start of a new commitment for both of you.

If your relationship is more casual, you should determine what is essential for you first. Talk with him about your options and what you want to do. Share your concerns and listen to his thoughts, but do not let him pressure you to make one decision over another. How you handle your pregnancy is your choice.

There is no perfect way or time to tell him. Be straightforward and honest. Then, give him time to absorb the news. 

How Should I Tell My Family?

Once again, your relationship dictates how you should tell family members. Choose a trusted family member first and begin there. Let them stand beside you as you talk with others. If appropriate, have your boyfriend along for support.

Choose a time when family members are relaxed and not rushing out the door. Be as direct as possible without being disrespectful. 

Be prepared for disappointment as your parents or close family members receive the news. Give them time to take it in. An unplanned pregnancy is a significant change for everyone, so they deserve patience.

If you are concerned for your safety, do not talk with anyone alone. Choose a public place and be prepared for an emotional response.

How Can First Choice Georgia Help Me?

See us first to confirm your pregnancy. We can discuss your options and how you can present the news to those closest to you. We understand this conversation is difficult, but we can offer valuable support and knowledge.

Set up an appointment online, call 912-538-0762, or text us at 912-495-8682. We are here for you!