Where Do I Begin?

You may feel the weight of an unplanned pregnancy and wonder how to support your partner right now? You are not alone. Though the many questions come, our team of client advocates are here to come alongside you in your journey. You probably have questions like…

  • How do I financially support a child?
  • Is she really pregnant?
  • How do I tell my family and friends?
  • Can I continue school?
  • What are our pregnancy options?

Before you can fully be available to your partner, take the time you need to process the news on your own. Talk with someone you trust to get clarity and share how you’re doing. Giving yourself a moment to process the news is the best way to avoid conflict with your partner upfront.

We are here for you – as you are a vital part of this pregnancy journey.

Confirm Your Partner’s Pregnancy

We know how many emotions you may be feeling; fear, anxiety, confusion, doubt, etc. To get clarity, begin by confirming your partner’s pregnancy. This is the best first step.

Even though an at-home pregnancy is normally accurate, there is always a chance for inaccurate results. This can be due to taking the test incorrectly or at the wrong time. The next step is to take an ultrasound to confirm pregnancy and be alerted of any complications.

Some women experience early miscarriages and/or chemical pregnancy while others experience an ectopic pregnancy (where the pregnancy grows outside the uterus).

Confirm your partner’s pregnancy through lab-quality pregnancy testing and an ultrasound at our clinic today.

Get Connected with Guy Talk

There are so many questions and concerns that come with being a father. You may feel the pressure of financial stability, how to take care of your pregnant significant other, or how to care for a family.

We have a team of local mentors who can help relieve that pressure. Our men will meet you at the First Choice Georgia Clinic for some Guy Talk where you will receive confidential support.