If your friend is facing an unexpected pregnancy, she is likely feeling many different overwhelming emotions. She might feel confused, scared, alone, and unsure how to move forward. But your support will mean the world to her right now. 

Read on to learn ways to show your friend support during her unexpected pregnancy. Or, if your friend is looking for pregnancy resources and services, have her contact First Choice Georgia Pregnancy Clinic today to connect with one of our caring team members.

Be an Active Listener

During a high-emotion event or situation, oftentimes, a person needs to talk about their feelings to sort through them. But being an active listener goes beyond just listening to your friend’s feelings and concerns—instead, you follow up with questions that can help them go deeper. 

For example, if your friend says she feels scared, you might ask, “What about your situation is scaring you the most?” The more you help your friend push deeper into her thoughts and feelings, the more she can work through them. 

Active listening is also about maintaining eye contact and avoiding distractions. When your friend is talking, put your phone down and give her your full attention.

Help Your Friend Research and Brainstorm

Your friend might not know how she wants to move forward in her pregnancy. One of the best ways to show your support is by helping her research her options and brainstorm what she’s leaning toward and why. 

Your friend’s pregnancy options are parenting, adoption, or abortion. You can help her find information about these options and then help her work through her feelings about each one. 

For example, you can help your friend work through these questions:

  • What pregnancy option am I leaning toward and why?
  • What might my future look like if I choose this option?
  • How might I feel if I don’t choose this option? 

It’s also important to let your friend know you’re there for her. For example, if she chooses parenting, knowing she has your support will give her the confidence to know she can succeed. 

Next Steps

It’s essential to let your friend know that she is cared for and supported. At First Choice Georgia Pregnancy Clinic, we provide your friend with free resources, services, and information to give her what she needs to make an informed and confident decision. She can contact us today to schedule a free, confidential appointment with one of our caring team members.