I’ve Already Had an Abortion and Don’t Want Another One. What Are My Options?

Finding out that you’re unexpectedly pregnant again can feel overwhelming, to say the least—especially if you previously had an abortion and don’t want another one.  While your mind is likely spinning with what-ifs right now, it’s important to realize you have other options besides abortion. These options include parenting and adoption. This article will explore

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How Will Abortion Affect Me Physically?

While every woman’s individual abortion experience is unique to her, there are universal side effects and risks to consider.  Before choosing abortion, it’s critical to learn all you can about this option and your pregnancy details to protect your health. This article will explore the essentials you need to know to stay safe. But if

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How Can I Recover Emotionally After An Abortion?

While some women feel immediate relief after an abortion, for other women, abortion causes complex emotions to surface days, weeks, or even years later. If you’re struggling emotionally after an abortion, you’re not alone.  A study by the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons found that almost 75% of women who had an abortion and

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