Having an abortion is a complex decision. Is it the right choice for you? Are there options? To confidently decide on abortion, you must first confirm if your pregnancy is viable (growing), talk with someone about all your options, and speak with your healthcare provider about your physical and mental health. 

Let First Choice Georgia Pregnancy Clinic help you get the answers you need.

Have You Confirmed Your Pregnancy?

Before considering how to handle your unplanned pregnancy, make sure you are pregnant. A missed period and a positive pregnancy test may not be enough information.

There are several reasons your period could be late. Stress, certain medications, increased exercise, and a rapid increase or decrease in your weight can change your monthly cycle. 

It’s possible to get a positive pregnancy test result after you have miscarried. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) and the Mayo Clinic both estimate that over 25% of all pregnancies end in a miscarriage. You can get a positive result on a pregnancy test days or even weeks following a miscarriage.

How Do I Confirm My Pregnancy?

A nurse-administered pregnancy test and an ultrasound are the most reliable way to determine if you are pregnant. At First Choice, we provide free lab-quality pregnancy testing. Home pregnancy tests vary regarding when they can detect the pregnancy hormone, so taking another test is wise.

If your pregnancy test at First Choice is positive, we can schedule you for a free ultrasound. An ultrasound verifies whether you are pregnant or if you have miscarried. Ultrasound uses high-frequency sound waves to create an image of the inside of your uterus.

That image tells the technician if your pregnancy is growing with a detectable heartbeat. You can also get an accurate date of how many weeks you’ve been pregnant and learn the location of your pregnancy. If your pregnancy is in the wrong place, it’s called an ectopic pregnancy and can be very dangerous to your health.

Your Next Step Is to Review All Your Options

Once you have verified your pregnancy, you’ll want to discuss your options. The trained peer consultants at First Choice can explain all three. 

  • Abortion
    Although we do not provide or refer for abortion, we can provide accurate information concerning abortion procedures, expected side effects, and potential risks. Abortion is legal for up to six weeks of pregnancy in Georgia. Your ultrasound reveals how far along you are and if you qualify for an abortion in our state.
  • Making an Adoption Plan
    There are many myths surrounding adoption. If you choose an open or semi-open adoption plan, you can select the adoptive parents and the future you want for your child. The birth mother (and father, if available) have control of the process.
  • Parenting
    You might be surprised at the number of resources available if you choose to parent your child. We offer parenting and life skills classes to get you prepared. Plus, we provide referrals for many community resources. Our team will be there alongside you as well.

None of these are easy choices. But the more you learn about each one, the easier it will be to decide.

Finally, Talk With a Healthcare Provider

The Mayo Clinic says it best, “Having a medical abortion [the abortion pill method] is a major decision with emotional and psychological consequences.” Make sure you speak with a physician about your physical and emotional health beforehand. 

Studies show women with pre-existing mental health issues such as anxiety or depression struggle more emotionally with abortion. 

We’re Here to Help You

We don’t profit from any decision you make. The choice is yours and yours alone. We are here to provide free pregnancy services and the information you need to make a confident decision.
If you just need someone to talk to, we’re available for that too. Your visits to First Choice Georgia Pregnancy Clinic are always free and confidential.

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